Network Solutions

Being “Connected” can be the most powerful capability of your organization. Connectivity within your business and with clients will improve efficiency.

TEN Technologies Inc provides network solutions unique to your organization’s requirements and specific to your industry. We make sure we build the network solution that keeps you connected, scalable to accommodate future growth, and flexible for any change as required by your organization.

TenTechInc - Campus and LAN

Campus and LAN

A simple Local Area Network to a complex interconnection of multiple Networks for your organization. It can be a new network, an upgrade, or fixing a wrong design. Depending on your requirements, we can design the right network that is reliable, flexible, and scalable to accommodate your growth in the future.

TenTechInc - Wireless


Provide the freedom of placement and positioning of your devices. Indoor solutions for end-users or devices or outdoor solutions to provide connectivity in the field. For hard-to-reach areas, wireless may be your solution to provide connectivity.

TenTechInc - Network Security

Network Security

Need a strategic roadmap for securing your network, reduce the risk of a possible breach, ensure regulatory compliance, or adapting a specific security framework, we have the expertise and experience to help you. Depending on your industry, we can help you understand the different technologies and solutions to help secure your environment.

TenTechInc - Specialized Application

Specialized Applications

Experiencing difficulties establishing point-to-point connectivity? Is a unique technical or industry specific requirement needed to make a solution work or for compliance? Contact us and we may have the right solution for you.

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