Data Center

The Data Center is where all the workloads in your IT operations occur and where your critical storage is located. Think of it as the “Brain” of your organization.

Common challenges in the Data Center infrastructure is keeping your application and services online or restoring them after a hardware failure or any other type of component failure. The ability to scale workloads and storage capacity as business requirements change or new ones emerge are also common challenges. Most of the time these challenges are from poorly designed infrastructure or simply the need to upgrade and modernize. TEN Technologies Inc has the data center solutions to help solve these challenges.



Think of the center of the IT operations. The Compute section of the Data Center is where processing power (CPU) and memory (RAM) resides. These resources are generally provided by high-end servers. A great compute infrastructure should be able to allocate resources on-demand.



Files, pictures, videos, database systems all require storage. As the need for more storage arises, organizations must evaluate solutions that meet their business needs. Right design choices may have one of the most significant business impacts as the inability to scale workloads, poor disk performance, or simply the lack of storage can be a show-stopper for new business initiatives.

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