IT Infrastructure Solutions

TEN Technologies Inc primarily focuses on providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions to help organizations achieve their business initiatives.

Every organization has a desire to improve and grow but as IT being the backbone of the business, a new type of solution needs to be built or the existing infrastructure needs to expand or improve. Whatever the new business objectives may be or inefficiencies that exist, we can design and build the solutions required. Our experience and accomplishments are proven and you can be confident we will do it right.

Let’s not forget to secure the infrastructure, new or existing! We have extensive experience in designing and implementing cyber security solutions for Military/DoD IT infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA, Enterprise IT infrastructure, and all other types of IT infrastructure.



Network solutions unique to your organization’s requirements and specific to your industry.

Data Center

Whether it is a single cabinet, a facility, or multiple sites, let us help you design and build this right.


Reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency, flexibility and agility.


Now with more interconnected devices and the emergence of IoT, the attack surface has grown significantly, organizations need to keep up with defending their vulnerabilities.

Emerging Technologies

New technologies, frameworks, or architectures which may help with operational efficiencies, address complex technical and security requirements, and support unique business or operational functions.

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