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Ten Technologies Incorporated stands at the forefront of IT consulting, passionately dedicated to enabling organizations to realize their business objectives through bespoke IT infrastructure solutions. Our multifaceted expertise encompasses the full spectrum of skills required to architect solutions that modernize data centers, ensure seamless communication across all points, and fortify IT operations with cutting-edge technologies tailored to your industry’s demands. From conceptualization through design, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing technological evolution, we are committed to propelling your organization relentlessly forward, ensuring progress is not just achieved, but embraced.


TEN Technologies was founded in January 2019 by Felipe Tenido Jr. as a sole proprietorship, with a mission to revolutionize IT consulting services for Guam’s local government and commercial enterprises, igniting a transformation in their IT infrastructure. Through successful design, engineering, and implementation of cutting-edge solutions, word spread quickly, establishing Ten Technologies as a local powerhouse with skills rivaling those of off-island experts.

Initially, as a part-time venture, the company worked on small projects, gradually gaining momentum. In November 2020, Ten Technologies transitioned into a fully incorporated entity, solidifying its commitment to excellence under the banner of Ten Technologies Incorporated.

Today, Ten Technologies Incorporated stands as a beacon of innovation, offering end-to-end “turn-key” IT infrastructure solutions, diverse IT engineering services, robust IT operations support, and an array of enterprise products designed to propel your organization through its IT transformation journey.

Distinguished by its exceptional talent pool and expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled services directly from Guam, minimizing reliance on off-island consultants. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner. We’re here, in your time zone, armed with the knowledge and dedication to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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